Interview with Daria Shchelevoi

Interview with Daria Shchelevoi

Beautiful holidays is over and we continue to acquaint You with our artists. Today's resident of the exhibition "Post Scriptum 100+8" awesome girl from the Northern capital - Daria Shmeleva.

Daria V. Shmeleva was born and raised in St. Petersburg.Graduated from art school under the direction of Valentin Sergeevich of Chervyakovskomu, associate Professor of St. Petersburg State Art-industrial Academy. A. L. Stieglitz. Higher education received at St. Petersburg State University, graduate school of management. Then for many years worked in the Studio of Tamara Feodorovna Cavolinii, member of the Union of artists of Russia, Professor of Saint-Petersburg academic Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after. I. E. Repin.Also, Daria successfully completed the summer school of the St. Petersburg academic Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after. Repin under the leadership of Professor Vladimir Mogilevtsev Daria Shmeleva is a member of the Union of artists. Participant of numerous exhibitions. Her works are in private collections in Russia and abroad, including in the private collection of his Holiness the Sitagu Sayadaw.

Interview with Daria Shchelevoi:

1) Daria, you are a disciple "St. Petersburg" schools of arts. What radically distinguishes Moscow artists from St. Petersburg colleagues?

Daria Shmeleva: In my opinion, the "indigenous" differences, as You put it, "St. Petersburg" and the Moscow art schools you can talk as long and as useless, as it does about the differences of Petersburgers and Muscovites. For example, I am in no way belong to the classical academic artists, so is unlikely to have the right to speak on the topic.

2) the Difference in the visitors too noticeable?

D. S.: Frankly, I think the audience at the shows still more depends on the topic presented, rather than from the town where it is held. Perhaps locals are more "tolerant" to any artistic manifestations and not inclined to open to criticism, at least, I've heard such opinions from some of our artists.

3) the Love of art is hereditary or grafted Northern capital air?

D. W: Genetic mutations due to air from the Gulf of Finland :))) actually, the question is very strange, can not give him a serious answer.