The artist from St. Petersburg Daria Shmeleva very easily, and, at the same time, with a deep knowledge and understanding told about his work and provided photos from his last exhibition. Without a doubt, creativity Daria has a high artistic value. So perfectly and succinctly to combine sense and deep knowledge can only a person with a real love for the world.

Station World: Daria, please tell us about Your experience of fine art. What started Your career in art and that was the basis for You as an artist? Who would You like to celebrate in his life who have influenced Your work?
Daria: to Draw, like many others, I've liked him since childhood. Still preserved my self-portrait gouache, written in three years. Our family friend was very surprised by the apparent similarity of the image and of the original and saved it, presented it to me on my 18th birthday. It was for me a real surprise, and, of course, a wonderful gift was properly decorated and occupied a place of honor in my house.

I graduated from art school in high school, where I received a secondary education. The classes were led by an excellent teacher Valentin Sergeevich Chervyakovskomu, associate Professor, St. Petersburg State Artistic and industrial Academy. A. L. Stieglitz. Valentin Sergeyevich was very sweet and kind person, so students always teased him, but he had let down the children of all pranks. He told us about his father, about his mother, who died in exile from cancer, about war, about the hard life after Stalin repressions that affected his family.
Dream Valentine Sergeevich can restore Znamenskaya Church in Tsarskoye Selo, where his father was rector. Later, I read on the website of this Church that, thanks to the indefatigable energy and strength of character, Valentin Sergeyevich still managed to achieve her full recovery, he was ordained deacon and even wrote a book about his life.

After finishing school I entered the University, but did not leave painting classes and worked privately in the workshop Cavolinii Tamara Fedorovna, member of the Union of artists of Russia, Professor of Saint-Petersburg academic Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after. I. E. Repin.
In the future I continued training with professional artists, constantly improving their skills. It is very difficult to give a definite answer to the question, who or what has influenced my formation as an artist, my work is, primarily, a reflection of my personality, thoughts and feelings that interests and touches me in certain moments of life, a kind of "instagram" of my emotions. So the influence of the complex had, one way or another, all the events that happened with me since birth.