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The pace of life is becoming more rapid, freedom of movement, access to all the world news, and other fruits of our civilization sometimes engage us in a cycle that is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on the present moment, cease to run and feel "here and now". The cycle of works "Emostrips" or "Emotional stripes" - is a kind of "artstagramm" of emotions and impressions of the artist's life, an attempt to catch and pass the fleeting feeling of fresh summer rain or the joy of anticipation romantic encounter, the impression of scanned film or news. This artistic language of the author allows the viewer to convey thoughts and feelings of the reality surrounding him, to catch them in the space of the canvas and make fleeting constant. It is no coincidence that project is attended to favorite childhood authors cartoon characters - these are the characters that stay with us forever, representing the something first we remember, the first virtual friends, first heroes or villains with whom a child meets, the brightest and strong impressions in life.