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"Myanmart" is an interactive art project that was created by Saint-Petersburg artist Daria Shkeleva.

In it's basis "Myanmart" is a flashback of author's impressions and emotions from the trip through the beautiful and mysterious land known as Myanmar or Burma. This is a place where the ancient traditions come to us through the ages in it's pristine appearance. In spite of menaces that was following habitants of Myanmar for the years they are still imazingly open minded and kind hearted. Religiosity and spirituality, astrology, traditional funerals and old tales and stories about national heroes - all that aspects of Burma's life are shown in the "Mynmart" project. One of main traits of each painting is a presence of the uncolored space around the person or object - it's the author's way to give the freedom and independence for which Mynmar's people were fighting for so many years.